Here is a restored faceplate with gold plated scripts.


Typical Blistered Faceplate and Sides

Nu-Chrome restored this faceplate and sides. Getting the faceplate and both sides runs from $300 to $400 depending on how badly the aluminum underneath is corroded. Specify satin chrome for the lower section. Be sure to included printed instructions with a diagram and label each section with masking tape.
Link to Nu-Chrome

Emblem / Medallion

You need a good one of these to crown your 1957 Javelin. Fortunately, this is common to all 1957 models. Finding a fairly decent one is not too difficult.

Not so good


Pull-Start Recoil Cover

This is not attached to the motor and over the last 45 years many have been lost. Fear not! Just email Sandy at this address. He recasts the aluminum covers. You will have to paint it yourself. Black for 1957 Javelins RJE-19 and White for 1956 Javelins RJE-18.
Sandy Lupo (email) is a source for cast new aluminum recoil covers


Spray cans and pint/quarts/gallons of all the needed colors are available at this web site from Peter McDowell.
Paint and cosmetic/mechanical restoration (check out the photos!)


Peter also has decals for the control panel and cowl.


The 'Johnson' and 'Javelin' scripts on the faceplate and the '35's on the sides were originally coated with a semi-transparent gold/brown finish. They are chrome underneath. I have one set that is solid brass. How to restore? Gold plate, brass plate, gold anodize, gold paint... Please email me with any success or failure stories and pics and I will post them to help readers choose their method. Gold plating is not expensive relative to the chrome work and looks great!

Gold Plated

Gold Painted

Replacement '3' and '5' digits are available from Sandy Lupo. They are recast. You will need to finish them and have them chrome or gold plated.

Cowl Gasket

The white gasket that runs between the removeble cowl and fixed lower cowl may be checked, corroded, or missing from you motor. Some people have used black replacements.New reproduction gaskets are available from Peter McDowell

Faceplate Retaining Strap

You need one of these to keep your restored faceplate from getting another worn spot in the lower center where it hits the steering linkage when it gets opened.